Why a Bible Verse and Prayer?

You will find it interesting that many people are very religious and spiritual. They attend church, yet they never read much of the Bible. As you begin to read verses from the Bible for the first time, you will find an awakening of understanding. When you look at the entire Bible, it is harder to grasp, and is overwhelming. The 31 Day MAP offers short passages that do not burden or discourage you. As you are reading, certain passages will speak to you directly. Take that as a sign to read further in that passage. The Bible is the word of God, so you are hearing His voice. The Bible verse’s references are highlighted and will expand a window that allows further reading of that chapter. Click on the “more” selection on the bottom left of the window to access the complete chapter and Bible.

Prayers are a form of having a conversation with God. You will discover that you are not alone, and with God by your side, you will act in a different way. Each day a different types of prayers are introduced. Some are for praise, others are for requests. On Day Six you will be introduced to a powerful form of prayer. That is praying for others. You pray for yourself, but have you ever prayed for someone else? This will be an experience going into unknown territory. The idea of asking God to bring grace and mercy to others will change you forever.

In your Daily Pocket MAPs, a Bible verse is included on the back page to have near you throughout the day. Many people find one that becomes a part of their daily life. Be patient, and the right prayer will connect with you. The day’s Prayer that is included  should be read at least three times throughout your day. On your last reading, read it aloud and listen to the words as if someone is speaking them to you.

Visit the “How to Pray” tab on the menu bar for one method of reading your prayers.

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