Day 3 Action Plan: Make a Choice

Bench by the Sea

Today you see that you have the ability to make choices to change your life. What are the areas of your life that you need to examine? It is your choice to do something about them. They might seem hopeless or even unimportant, but unless you do something about them, someone else will. Your choices not only affect you, but everyone and everything around you. You can make the

difference by making a choice to change your life, your

behavior, your moods, and your priorities. Choices are continuously being presented. Make the choice today to use your free will.

You may often forget that most people in the world live in far more difficult situations than you do. Most people do not have the opportunity to change anything. The funny thing is, as I have seen traveling the world, in general, they are
happier than you are. Their lives, stripped to bare essentials have brought them closer to the simplest of choices, their thoughts. Many people have given their lives in history to give you the freedom of choice. From this day forward, remember the power of choice. This is something that cannot be taken from you.

Make just one choice each day to improve something in your life.

What is an area that needs your attention?

More importantly, make a choice to change it.

Used by Permission. The Eureka Solution: The Gift of Vision by Angelo Ismirnioglou. Eureka Sol Media. Copyright 2008

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