Day 2 Action Plan: Control Your Thoughts

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Each day you have the opportunity to make changes to your life. Why is it if you do 100 good things, it seems that everyone in your life will only see that one bad thing? Your family, teachers, bosses, coworkers, and friends do it to you everyday. Do you need to criticize yourself? Start thinking in a positive way.

Each day you need to work on a part of your life. Like an exercise program, you become better and stronger each and everyday. Your thoughts will change your life.

Start today with three things that are good in your life.

Find them. Your health, your kindness, your talent, your home, your…




This is something you must build on, day after day. The good outweighs the bad. Make this a habit. Adjust your vision to see the good in your world.

When your thoughts bombard you with the fear and worry, replace those thoughts with two or three positive images or dreams in your life. Always have these positive images ready to replace any negative thoughts immediately. This is a challenge to overcome with the lifelong saturation of negativity that our society has buried deeply within you. Today you are one step closer to your new life. Half of the battle is won the moment you begin to see in a new vision.

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