Day 1 Action Plan: Contemplation


Today is a day of contemplation. Relax and enjoy your surroundings. Take in all the good in your life. No matter how bad life seems, look around to find one special area in your life. Maybe it is your wife, your children, the place you live, or even the blue sky. Start with one thing each day and honor it.

Maybe everything is going too well in your life. Are you taking for granted all the good in your life? Pick someone special in your life and give them extra time today. Life is relative; your problems are someone else’s dream.

How may people do you know that have a problem?

Everyone has problems. You have problems.

What are you doing about them?

Are you spending any energy in trying to solve them?

Have you looked in the mirror today?

Whom did you see?

Are you not an image of God?

Look again and open your eyes, receive this blessing. You are perfect; this is you, an image of God on Earth. You must peel back the layers of pain and stop hiding under the mask of life. It has covered your perfection with worry, anger, confusion, jealousy, and other idols. You are here in your divine beauty. One day at a time, you will see yourself more clearly. Start today by realizing that you are an image of God.  You are here today serving a divine purpose.

Used by Permission. The Eureka Solution: The Gift of Vision by Angelo Ismirnioglou. Eureka Sol Media. Copyright 2008

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