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Join the 31 Day MAP for FREE

The 31 Day MAP is now available in its entirety for FREE. Join with the link on the right sidebar or on the link below. Share the link on Facebook, and Tell a Friend. Please share your stories and comments on the the daily pages. And don't forget about the Daily Gratitude Journal Email. CLICK HERE>Join ... Full story

What is the 31 Day MAP?

The 31 Day MAP is based on the Bestseller The Eureka! Solution: The Gift of Vision by Angelo Ismirnioglou. It is a Mobile Action Plan that is a daily guide for your life. To be taken with you throughout the day for the next 31 days. Use it to read and think, for just a couple of minutes during ... Full story

What is a Mobile Action Plan?

The Mobile Action Plan allows you to make this course a part of your daily life. You can view this online anywhere you are. Home, work, school, vacation and even your Iphone. You will receive daily emails, including action plans with your inputs. You will also have a Pocket MAP to print and take with you throughout the day. You can add comments to each day ... Full story

What is covered on each daily MAP?

There are thirty-one complete days to follow. Each day reviews five topics: A Lesson. An Action Plan. Books That Change Lives. A Bible verse. A Prayer. There are three activities to complete each day: An Email MAP. An email from your Daily Gratitude Journal. A Pocket MAP. Full story

Will I receive any emails?

Every day of The 31 Day Mobile Action Plan (MAP), you will receive an e-mail summing up what you have studied that day if you opt-in during the registration process. In addition, you will have the ability to: 1. Print a Pocket MAP to take with you for use and contemplation throughout your day. 2. Receive an E-mail with the Daily Action Plan. 3. Receive an ... Full story

What are Pocket MAPs?

Pocket Maps are printouts of the day's Mobile Action Plan.  This allows you to write down your thoughts in a peaceful place to think about your life. The printout comes in a PDF on a regular 8.5 x 11 paper. The orientation is self explanatory, but there are four sections that will be folded to make a mini-book. Fold the top of the paper down first, and ... Full story

What are Books That Change Lives?

I have had the opportunity to become very familiar with every book I will introduce in my Books That Change Lives series. These books have had a great impact on my life, and at times were the only hope that I had. These books changed my life and I hope they will be inspirational to you as well. I have chosen books with varied formats ... Full story

Why a Bible Verse and Prayer?

You will find it interesting that many people are very religious and spiritual. They attend church, yet they never read much of the Bible. As you begin to read verses from the Bible for the first time, you will find an awakening of understanding. When you look at the entire Bible, it is harder to grasp, and is overwhelming. The 31 Day MAP offers short ... Full story

Is this for me?

Do you often feel as though your life is spinning out of control with no end in sight? Have you ever wished you had some sort of plan to keep you focused? Have you ever felt like you were "re-creating the wheel" when it comes to facing life's challenges? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I believe this course is for you. ... Full story

How much does this cost?

Join the 31 Day MAP for Free, for as long as you wish. My goal is to share this with you, and hopefully you will find something that will change your life and then you will share this with others. That's it! Full story
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